We’re a group of people who are interested in learning and practising Esperanto, the international language. We offer free Esperanto classes twice a week near Higbury and Islington tube station on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Tuesdays: there are 2 groups: Anna teaches the intermediate group while Renato prepares the students for the international B2 and C1 exams and does conversation to improve their fluency.

Thursdays: Anthony teaches the beginners’ group. 

We also offer a free whole-day intensive course once every quarter on a Saturday for people who have missed some lessons or who simply want to start learning Esperanto.

Please note that all our courses are free but we ask each participant to pay £1 at every meeting to cover the costs of heating and lighting.

IMPORTANT: If you’re interested in any of our courses, please contact us before coming so that we can give you the exact details (code to open the gate, etc).