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Weekly online Esperanto classes

The North London Esperanto Group offers weekly online Esperanto classes from beginners to advanced levels:

Self-study course books

Free taster course:
The Esperanto-Association of Britain (EAB) runs a free introductory correspondence course. It is designed to give you a quick introduction to Esperanto. You will be assigned an accredited tutor. All you have to do is study each lesson and send your translations by e-mail to the tutor, who will send you the next lesson along with your corrected work. Here is the link to the first lesson.

Complete Esperanto:
Through authentic conversations, vocabulary building, grammar explanations, and extensive practice and review, Complete Esperanto will equip you with the practical skills you need to use modern Esperanto in a variety of realistic settings and situations, developing your cultural awareness along the way.

Gerda Malaperis:
It’s a course disguised as a novel. The first chapter is very easy and then it gets progressively more complicated. New words and grammar points are explained along the way.

La teorio Nakamura:
It has been written by Anna Lowenstein. The book is written to be accessible to beginners. We usually have a spare copy or two during the lessons if you prefer to buy it directly from us.

Self-study online courses

Duolingo to learn languages for free:

Free Esperanto Course:
This free Esperanto course consists of ten lessons with exercises. You study the lessons by yourself, do the exercises and send them to your tutor by email. Your tutor will check your exercises and answer your questions. In the end you will receive a certificate.

Lernu! (multilingual website that provides free courses):

Esperanto in 12 days:

Weekend & week-long courses

Free course in Barlaston (south of Stoke-on-trent – UK):

The Esperanto Association of Britain (EAB) organizes free courses regularly. They are ideal for people who have little experience of Esperanto and who aren’t yet confident enough to try other events around more experienced speakers.

Somera Esperanto-Studado (SES) – Europe
SES is a week-long annual summer school that has been organised since 2007. The aim is to create a friendly, international environment every summer for people who would like to start or continue to learn Esperanto.

Nord-Amerika Somera Kursaro (NASK) – USA
NASK is a summer study program emphasizing active use of Esperanto in intercultural communication, comprehension, and collaboration.


Short and easy articles in Esperanto.

There are many groups (click on ‘Join’ to, well, join them):

App to find esperantists (and people who speak other languages) locally.

Ekparolu to speak online with an experienced esperantist:
It is not a lesson but a 1-to-1 conversation for 30mn with an experienced Esperantist (called ‘geonklo’ and you as a student are a ‘genevo’). Once you are registered on the site you can select a 30mn slot and decide who you want to talk to (more than 60 people to choose from). Each session is different as it depends on the person you’re talking to of course but he/she will adapt to your level as the idea is to help you progress. Note that it’s not for complete beginners so there is a language test you have to do when you register in order to check your level.

Eventa Servo
To find local or online events in Esperanto.

Have fun and learn more Esperanto words: