Weekly online Esperanto classes

The North London Esperanto Group offers weekly online Esperanto classes from beginners (A1) to advanced (C1) levels. You can read more about these different levels on Wikipedia.

We can also help you prepare for the official Esperanto exam (B1, B2 and C1 levels) which is usually held in June online and in many places in the world including London.


Our online classes take place using Zoom once a week for an hour. Please only register if you know you will be able to attend most weeks as the number of participants in each group is limited to around 15 people.

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Beginners course (A1-A2 level)

This course is based on “Esperanto by Direct Method” by Stano Marček and is divided into two three-month periods. If you’re a beginner looking to take your first steps into Esperanto waters, these courses are for you. At the end of each three-month period you can decide to repeat the module, take a break, or move straight on to the next one. More info.

Grammar sessions (A1-A2 level) 

These sessions held by Anna Lowenstein on Saturdays are for students who are still learning Esperanto through Duolingo, Lernu.net  or similar websites. Anna focuses on some specific grammar points each week. More info.

Reading course (A2-B1 level)

This course with Phil on Tuesdays is based on the book “La verda koro” written by Julio Baghy. More info.

Post-beginners course (A2-B1 level)

This course with Paweł on Thursdays is for students who already have the basics under control and want to aim a little higher. More info.

Intermediate course (B1-B2 level)

This course taught by Renato Corsetti on Tuesdays is for students who already have the B1 level. More info.

Advanced course (B2-C1 level)

This course taught by Anna Lowenstein on Wednesdays is for students who already have the B2 level. In this course you will read short texts, discuss them and do some grammar exercises. More info.

Writing course (A2-C1 level)

Do you want to improve your writing in Esperanto? This course done by email is for you! Anyone can join as long as you have at least the A2 level. More info.

Conversation sessions

The key thing when you learn a language is to start using it with other speakers once you have the basics covered. Don’t make the common mistake to think that it’s better to wait until you have a higher level. The good thing about Esperanto is that even experienced speakers had to learn it at some point like you’re doing just now.

If you already have completed a beginners course, you might want to participate in these conversation sessions:

Finally, if you prefer a 1-to-1 conversation with an experienced Esperantist then you should try Ekparolu! It is not a lesson so each 30-mn session is different as it depends on the person you’re talking to of course but he/she will adapt to your level as the idea is to help you progress.

Pronunciation exercises

If you want to practise your pronunciation in Esperanto, join this Telegram group. Every day, you will see a new tongue-twister at the top of the screen. Record your voice and send it to the group for correction.

A question? Send us a message!