Weekly online course for beginners (Gerda malaperis)!

This course is based on “Gerda malaperis!” by Claude Piron. This course lasts about 6 months. Please only register if you know you will be able to attend most weeks as the difficulty increases progressively over time.


  • On Mondays at 20h00 UK time with Phil. This course started in October 2020.
  • On Tuesdays at  18h30 UK time with John. This course started in July 2020.
  • On Tuesdays at  20h30 UK time with Phil. Same course as on Mondays but slightly faster.

Cost? £5 (GBP) / €6 (EUR) / $7 (USD) This is used to support the running cost of these courses. All our teachers are volunteers. Thank you.

Level? This is a group for complete beginners and for people who have just started learning Esperanto.

Any other questions? Simply send us a message through our contact page.

Please note that this course is intended for English speakers or for people with a good knowledge of English. During the lessons we aim to speak mainly Esperanto, but grammatical explanations are in English. 


The number of participants is limited to 15 in each group